"You can define your brand all you like , but actually it means nothing if it is at odds with behaviour - with what is done and how it is done, repeatedly, day after day."

The other day Hannah from Pop & Flo sent me a photograph from her book  “If in doubt, wash your hair” by Anya Hindmarch* knowing that I’d find her take on brand interesting – and I do. I love it. She says:

“There is a lot of talk in business about brand. In my opinion it’s a really overused word. For me, the word ‘brand’ should be replaced with the word ‘behaviour’. Your brand is simply how you behave, within the business and beyond it.”

I really struggle with the word brand even though its what I do! I think it’s a really woolly mis-understood word  and that makes me reticent to use it – although of course I still do because it sums up the many words I would use in its place.. behaviour is a great replacement word. I tend to simplify it down to what people say, feel, think and see of our business – all things which are of course led by our behaviour. I need to consider this a bit more, but behaviour may well be a word that I use a lot more when speaking about brand… it impacts thoughts and feelings, stories people tell and our visuals. It’s absolutely what brand is all about.

Grow your business, increase your reputation and brand, impact more people and get seen by the right people.

What do your behaviours tell others of your business?

Do they reflect your values? Are they part of your strategy?

I also LOVE that the word BE is in there. BEhaviour – because ultimately a brand strategy tells you how you to BE by highlighting the things that matter and showing more of who you already are.

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