Image of a toy lion hiding behind a book called "how to hide a lion" - words read "Stop hiding and find your brand bravery"

One of my favourite kids books is called How to hide a lion by Helen Stephens.
It’s about a lion who spends a lot of time hiding with help from a little girl.

In the book he struggles to hide from the little girls parents because he’s too big and because he sleeps a lot.

He can’t stay hidden.
It’s too difficult.

I think we spend a lot of time trying to stay hidden too. Not because people are scared of us, but because  we are scared of being seen.

Of being brave.

🦁 What if someone notices me?
🦁 What if someone sees that video?
🦁 My voice is too squeaky..
🦁 What if they click through to my website… #brandshame
🦁 I hate photographs of me…
🦁 What if they realise I’m not an expert…
🦁 What if someone wants to talk on the phone?
🦁 I’m not “business-like” enough..

What if, what if, what if…?

Hiding – it’s the easy way isn’t it? Staying where it’s comfortable. Not writing those blogs, not using your face, not sharing your story, not being visible..

In the book, the lion does something brave and is accepted by the townspeople. He succeeded because he stopped hiding.

He stepped out of his safe place where no one noticed him – and it was OK.

More than OK.

The image people had of the lion CHANGED, because he was able to alter their perception. Which would never have happened if he’d stayed hidden.

👉 How can you step out of hiding even just a little bit to share more of your brand?

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