how to love your brand

Years ago, I felt a bit fed up with my business. I’d launched into it from redundancy with two weeks notice before my daughter was due to start at nursery so I’d done everything VERY quickly.

I didn’t love my brand.

It wasn’t really me.

You see, what I’d done was take what I knew from my job (which I’d loved) and based my business plan on that. Yes, I had a business plan which was a massive lever arch file filled with information (compiled while breastfeeding my little girl on the floor so I could rest my laptop on the coffee table and use it with one arm) – which I never looked at ever again.. clever.

And I’d rushed through a logo design which was OK, but really wasn’t my best piece of work. I hadn’t really had time to create a full brand identity so it evolved over time.

I hadn’t taken the time to go through the process and ask myself the right questions.

And this was OK actually. In fact I don’t think that all businesses need to create a brand identity the moment they start – it depends what you do – but sometimes you need to feel your way through a little bit first so that you CAN answer the questions, test your idea, check that what you think is right actually is.

Grow your business, increase your reputation and brand, impact more people and get seen by the right people.

But after a little while it was evident that my “brand” wasn’t cutting it. For me. So in 2013 I rebranded. I asked myself the questions and I sorted out my brand identity.

Over time this has evolved a little, which is natural – and I’ve revisited and tweaked my values and personality too – it’s important to review your brand regularly.

But now I love it. It’s still me even all this time later (which is how it should be! Your brand identity should LAST.)

So how do you love your brand?

You spend time on it. Thinking about what matters. Deciding what you stand for and how you’re going to include that in your business.

Not just in your visuals.

In e v e r y t h i n g you do.

Your brand is how you do everything in your business.

Then once you’ve had a good think and you’ve made some decisions that make you feel alive … stick to them.

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