ADVENT 13: Jump over your hurdles (get out of your own way)

This is Day 13 of the Advent Calendar for 2015. Open more doors here >> 

“You’re either changing your life or you’re not. No waiting for this or that or better weather or other hurdles. Hurdles are the change.” Terri Guillemets

Are you taking action or you waiting for something to happen? If you’re waiting, what are you waiting for? Whatever it is, it’s getting in your way, stopping you moving forward, preventing you from reaching that goal – so what are you going to do about it? Is it something you can step around, remove or change? Do whatever it takes.


Maybe it’s you getting in your own way. Maybe you’re waiting to feel more confident or waiting for more sales or waiting for someone to ask you to do something. The times when I’ve experienced the most growth in my business have been the times when I got out of my own way and jumped over the hurdles that I was nervous about. When I started making videos (something I’ll be doing again soon!) when I started speaking up rather than hiding in the corner, when I spoke at events – even though I’m not very good at that (practice makes perfect right?) and back in 2010 when I started blogging. Step out of your comfort zone- don’t keep waiting for the wind to change or for someone else to do something for you – make something happen yourself.

In the comments: What are you waiting for?