Yesterday I was on Skype with a client when she said “I want a logo. I don’t know why I feel I need a logo, but I just want one…” 

I think a lot of business owners feel like this. A logo is for many the cherry on top of all the work they’ve been doing on their business. It takes all the different things they’ve been working on within their business and ties them up neatly in a bow – it says “here I am, this is what I stand for.”

The definition of a logo according to Merriam Webster is

a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products

If you have a logo – a good one –  then it works for you to convey messages about your business. The colours and fonts used, the imagery, the style of the logo, all say something about what you do and what you’re about. It becomes the single most visible aspect of your business. A logo ensures that you look professional – that you look like you’re taking your business seriously. You can – and I’d recommend you do – go deeper than that to consider all aspects of your visual brand identity – but at the very least, a logo is a recognisable identifier – something memorable that people will associate with your business.

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“A logo is a recognisable identifier – something memorable that people will associate with your business”

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Sometimes, people decide to get a logo because everyone else has one or they feel that they ought to get something, but they haven’t really considered why. Don’t create a logo without having a reason for it. “Just because” is not good enough. A logo takes time and effort to create and should be carefully considered in order to have the best possible outcome. If you get a logo for no particular reason then the chances are that it won’t effectively stand for your business and is more likely to have a negative impact on your business.

Spend time working through why you want one, what you stand for, what your values are (download the Design Success Toolkit to work this out) and then get started with your logo!

So why DO you want a logo?

Here’s some reasons:

– to make it easy for customers to identify your business

– to make you look professional

– to make you feel proud of your business

– to show that you are serious

– to make sure that you do justice to your offering by having a logo to match it

– to help you stand out against your competitors

– to make your business yours (say you’ve bought it from someone else)

– to be more memorable


Let me know in the comments – why do you want a logo – or why did you want one before you had one?


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