I work on all the visual bits for your website from the logo right up to a complete brand system. Visuals are definitely a part of branding, but branding is SO much more than that!

It’s HUGE! It’s everything, that people think, say or feel about you. That first impression. How you act. Anything that impacts everyone’s experience and memories about your business whether you’re there or not. You don’t have much control over it.. but brandING is where you try to take control of that.

Branding is quite an emotional thing. 95% of our purchase decision making takes place subconsciously. It’s about how you make people feel. Pin pointing everything that your business stands for and doing something with that at each touchpoint. Which does not have to be a huge overwhelming do-it-all-at-once task.

Make a list of all your touch points, break it down into separate elements – your home page, your business card, how you welcome people – all of those thing tie together – and think about how all of these things make people feel.

It’s a process, and things change. Tweak things as you go.

Review your brand maybe twice a year:

How is this working for me? Have my values changed?

If you haven’t bothered to ask the questions then you don’t know what you stand for and can’t get that across. Clarity is so important to help you work on your brand AND on your business. It’s worth exploring.

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