Image of Amy (white woman wearing a navy kaftan sitting on a fence - overlaid with an illustration of a compass. Words read: If you have a map and a compass you can't get lost.

Did you know that branding is an adventure? It’s an activity that results in excitement and enthusiasm. It’s a journey. It’s constantly evolving – Branding is NEVER over. It’s always happening. You can’t just whack out a colour scheme and a few templates and that’s that. Branding is more than visuals (they are part of it and very important), it’s action.

Action to help you get somewhere. From where you are now… to somewhere else.

You can’t work on your brand without knowing what your goals are.

And you can’t stop working on your brand.

It gets easier, because once you’ve really given it the thought and attention it deserves and made some decisions then you know what you need to do. You have a plan, you know what you’re all about and what you want to convey to others – but the actual action of that is always happening – and you’ll need to revisit your brand from time to time because things change. Your business doesn’t sit still, it moves forwards, the unexpected happens – and then your brand may need to alter too. I’m not talking big mind-blowing changes (although these can happen too!) I mean small tweaks, adapting your words, adding new messages and taking some away.

So you start your adventure by planning where you’re going and what you need to pack, who you need to take with you, how you’re gonna get there.. and you get going. Always referring to your map. Because if you have a map and a compass you can’t get lost.

Just put one foot in front of the other. Easy.

You know who you want to see on your adventure.

You know what you want to say to them.

You know where to put up your tent and which tracks to leave.

You know what your business needs to wear.

You know what obstacles you’re likely to hit.

You know where you’re going and what you have to offer.

Sorting out your strategy means that you are set with your ideal clients – who they are, where they are, what will get them to notice you, what their objections might be, what you can help them with and how you can connect with them.

The people you want to meet on your adventure are at the heart of your strategy.

Your Brand Adventure starts with you. If you’d like a guide, let me know and we can have a chat about which Brand Adventure is best for you.

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