VIDEO: What goes in to us is as important as what goes out. Dr. Rebecca Williams Dinsdale.

I was thrilled to welcome Dr. Rebecca Williams Dinsdale into my Brand Confidence group as part of her festival of lifejoy! Dr. Rebecca is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Celebrant – most importantly, she is a bringer of lifejoy, which is of course all about bringing joy to your life.

She’s had an interesting life (Dr. Rebecca calls it challenging, I think it’s both!) having been VERY ill for a lot of her life and still studying her A levels, BA, MA and PHD despite suffering with her physical illness. She managed to do a lot in a very short timeframe and was asked to help the other students to work as efficiently! She was told she was unemployable, yet she went one to give lectures and services, and write books – she’s just released her second book! (Check out her books here) I haven’t read this one (yet!) but I can tell you that the first book is wonderful so I’m confident this one will also be worth reading 🙂 She’s been busy and created a range of gifts to give you lifejoy – candles, affirmation cards and mugs. Click here to check those out. AND courses to help you find your lifejoy and your self confidence. Check those out here.

In this video, Dr. Rebecca is SO inspiring and she is so generous with her time. She shares a fantastic exercise that you can do to increase your self confidence (you’ll need a pen and paper for this) and of course you’re gonna leave the video on a high full of lifejoy – because she’s like that. There’s no way you won’t be feeling brighter at the end!

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