Your audience need to love your brand

It really helps if your audience love your brand. Because if they do – then they’re more likely to engage with it. With you. Because they feel like you get them.

Would you rather that they loved your brand – or someone elses…?

“The key to fostering true love: the discovery, and sharing, of each other’s values and beliefs. And while this may begin with appearance, that appearance is not – unless you’re just looking for a one-night stand – the ultimate key to success. So it is with a brand: it may look good, but unless it shares the values and beliefs of its audience, there will be no true love between the two.”

Yasushi Kusume and Neil Gridley

You’re probably going to grab attention by looking the business on your website or social – but you need to go deeper than this for love to blossom between your brand and your client (I’m covering this in a future post, but for now check this one)

I often talk about the 4 R’s.

Repetition (being consistent)

… leads to Recognition

… leads to being Remembered

… leads to Results.

I want to add a new R in there. Resonate. You don’t get love if they don’t resonate with you. I think this can happen at any point in the process but it needs to happen multiple time before someone could be said to truly love a brand.

Resonating with your audience is two – way like any relationship (there’s another R) They will resonate with you, and you will resonate with them. This is all about connecting with your audience. Meeting them where they’re at, sharing interests and values, genuinely caring about them as people. I think many of us will do this naturally but with a bit of consideration you can be more intentional about it AND incorporate your brand values into this too – increasing your brand awareness and strengthening your brand at the same time.

If you stand out to your audience as someone who they want to take notice of – through that consistent, repetitive action – then they’ll pay attention when they see you because they recognise you. They’ll stop and see what you’ve got. They might stop because they resonate with it.

Grow your business, increase your reputation and brand, impact more people and get seen by the right people.

When your audience love your brand and engage with it that encourages other people to engage with it too and so your reach is expanded and you have the opportunity to begin the whole process with someone new!

“If you build a strong relationship with your customers, they will be willing to pay higher prices. I often think of Apple as a case in point. Happy and loyal customers are like free brand influencers.”

Lama Barr. Talkwalker

They remember you. When your audience love your brand they show you.


With mini results. Clues that help you to see that you’re doing the right things and enable you to form a relationship. (It’s all about the R’s)

  • Liking posts.
  • Commenting.
  • Sharing.
  • They might simply tell you what they think.
  • They get involved.
  • They recommend you to others (even if they’ve never bought from you.)
  • They reply to your email newsletter.
  • They join in in your group.
  • They invite others to join.
  • They post or send you photographs of your products and tell others.
  • Testimonials.
  • They become your best ambassadors.

They’re loyal. When someone they know needs what you do, they’ll recommend you. When they do – they’ll be there. Result.

Love is a powerful emotion – and emotion drives 95% of purchasing decisions – so it’s a good idea to find ways to help your audience fall in love with your brand.

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