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“Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers” Elizabeth Arden

Ah, we are back at one of my favourite subjects. The word isn’t mentioned in the quote, but consistency is what we’re talking about here!

Being repetitive is about being consistent. The same message over and over again. It’s about delivering your message – telling people what you stand for, what your business is all about – so many times that people remember you.  If you’re delivering the same impression in every way that you communicate you will be recognised. When your audience need what you offer, they will instantly think of you because you will have built up a reputation – someone who knows what they’re talking about, someone they can trust.

Repeating your message again and again helps to build that trust. You might find that you feel that you’re being boring because you feel that you’re saying the same thing AGAIN, but your audience needs to hear it over and over in order for your message to stick in their minds and for them to grasp it.

Not only will being repetitive with your message help that message to be heard and to be remembered, but it will also show that you are trustworthy. Your customers can rely on your because you always deliver the same message over and over, you’re showing that you’re not going anywhere and that you are reliable.


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How do you work out what your message is? 

Being repetitive is all about conveying your values, what’s important to you. If you’ve not worked these out before, then you can download this handy worksheet and you’ll be all set. You need to try and convey these at every touchpoint. Here’s a blog with ideas for how to do that so that you are memorable. It’s all to do with thinking about how your brand looks and ensuring that you make the right decisions to get your message across effectively.

Another thing that you can do is to think about the things that you do and what’s good about them. The strengths of your business. Write up to 5 phrases which you can then use repetitively to make sure that you reinforce them in all your communication, so use these phrases on your website, on social media, on your fliers, on your business scard, on your blog – everywhere.

If you keep being repetitive, you’ll build your reputation by showing everyone what’s so great about your business – what you stand for and what’s so great about what you do – and once you have their attention they’ll become customers.


In the comments: What is one strength of your business that you need to repeat again and again? 


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