Do you want to learn to control your momentum? Do you want to learn how to build it, scale it, make it predictable and repeatable?

Do you need MOMENTUM? How do you get momentum? YOU have to manufacture it! Sooo… Manufacturing – who’s the best? Why not learn from the best?

I’ve spent decades learning and understanding manufacturing… from the one of history’s best manufacturing companies ever: Intel.

Intel, and all the other companies that have strived to replicate them, and those that came before, all captured the process of building something, scaling that building, making it repeatable, reliable, predictable, and controllable.

This article shares how to control your momentum. So YOU can learn how to build it, scale it, and make it predictable and repeatable!!

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Learn how to build, scale and make MOMENTUM predictable and repeatable!! 

Many will argue that you can’t ‘manufacture’ momentum, or motivation… well – that’s really the only way to do it long term.

“Finding that right piece, that piece that will get the wheel turning, that little win…” -Eddie Pinero says that about 45 seconds into this video.

I want to stop there and literally hand you the details and instructions now.

But first – you probably should watch the whole video. Because the trick is in APPLYING these instructions! And applying them takes desire. Build your desire with Eddie’s awesome video here: 

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The STEPS below are simple, easy to apply, and literally universally agreed upon as the foundation of things you simply must do.

These steps are basic daily steps and they apply to everyone from those trying to lose weight to someone taking their business from 10-50 million per year:

  • Think – Do not React
  • Beliefs
  • Associations
  • Targets
  • Behaviors

Inside each of those is years of research, study and application practice. We could discuss each of those for days (and in Get It Done 101 we DO discuss each of those for a week!)

However, establishing momentum in never ending cycles, growing, building, and improving our inner game, thereby dramatically affecting our outer world only takes ONE step. I’m betting every one of us can improve the area I’m focusing on below, if not, simply apply this concept to whatever step of your day you are focusing upon!

Since the answers are so clearly written in this, and many other places, the question isn’t ‘what do I need to do?’  — the question is: “What’s it going to take to get you to do it?”

Ironically – the answer lies within! Within you first, and then within the answer to the first question!

Momentum is key. Finding the small wins, establishing that baseline of you taking steps – that’s the key! The tiny steps inside the steps is where the battle is won over your internal resistance. You can DO THIS!

For example, keep in mind that once you start a habit and establish a run of 10, 20, 150 days in a row that you’ve accomplished this habit, it’s going to be HARD to break that habit right? But, the challenge is: how do you get that momentum?

The answer is in the answer… here’s one of the answers for most of us: our daily behaviors, actions… habits!

This is about MANUFACTURING momentum – right? And the question is how do you do that – right? Annnnd I said the answer to that question lies within the answer.

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It’s all about finding the little wins. 

Going back to what Eddie said – it’s all about finding the little wins. Let’s find a place we can all establish a little win…

1. Daily launch: Investigate and establish a daily launch routine that WORKS FOR YOU. Key ingredients:

  • Meditation
  • Water
  • Stretching and exercise
  • Healthy, empowering diet
  • Reading & Writing
  • Motivation
  • Journaling / planning (gratitude included)

2 critical things to think about when doing the research and planning?

  • Start small
  • What’s number one thing that derails your launch?   — Sleeping too late to have an effective launch! That makes #2 arguably the #1 thing to worry about!

2. Daily landing: In order to get enough sleep (which more than 7 hours is a mandatory requirement – many of the experts say 8 plus is a minimum), you simply need to GO TO BED, right? Key ingredients:

  • Reading (choose wisely to help you come down, not amp you up)
  • Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Journaling – not planning!!! – (gratitude included)
  • Setting up the water for the morning
  • This could include showering, dinner, quality time with family, etc… the things you do before you start down the ‘going to bed’ path

This is about MANUFACTURING momentum – right? And the question is how do you do that – right? Annnnd I said the answer to that question lies within the answer.

Going back to what Eddie said – it’s all about finding the little wins.

THAT is where you start. For many, the thought of this landing and launch is overwhelming, huge, big and just too much to consider, right? 


If you’re looking at that list and feeling overwhelmed with EVERYTHING you’ve got to do, that’s your subconscious pointing you toward the ‘thing’ it is using to keep you still, stationary, NOT moving – ‘safe’. ‘Safe’ in your subconscious mind means ‘not changing’.

Here’s the answer that is within the answer – if that is you, if you’re struggling with starting because it is so overwhelming, recognize that is your subconscious doing it’s thing! BREATHE! Take a moment and go for the LITTLE WIN…

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BREATHE! Take a moment and go for the LITTLE WIN…

“Finding that right piece, that piece that will get the wheel turning, that little win…” -That’s the key.

PICK ONE of those things to start doing, something simple – and do it!

Put a gratitude journal next to your bed.

Start heading to bed 10 minutes earlier than you normally do.

Start investigating a guided meditation app.

Find a meditation introduction app and start using it.

Find a motivational video channel that gets you fired up and start watching one every morning over breakfast.

Work to establish a more healthy breakfast.

PICK ONE that you can do – and do it!

THAT, my friend, is how you MANUFACTURE MOMENTUM! When you do that first one, the next step is easier!

I help people do these things, and more. I really like working with established leaders that have plateaued, are stuck, are working to grow.  

Many of us hit a wall built by our beliefs and struggle to even do those basic things, those little steps. When that happens, your subconscious is driving things – even if you’ve done some amazing things, we all have those limits we establish.

The answer for many is learning more and more about how your brain is actually working to stop you. This empowers my clients to embrace that change and start, or continue, impacting the world effectively.

Click Here for details on how to get it done, no matter where you are.

Live Enthused, Enabled, Empowered – Live Enthusiasticlay!


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