You can write great content, post on social media and market the heck out of your business, but if you’re missing one thing, your business is never going to reach the level of success you want.


What is it?


I’m talking about the right mindset.


You need to believe in your business. I’m talking hard core, undying, even when no one else believes, kind of belief in yourself business.


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Unfortunately, negative thoughts that keep you from believing in yourself 100% tend to creep in every now and then. Thoughts like, “Maybe this isn’t going to take off” or “OMG no one will buy this” or “Do I really have the expertise?”


They keep your vibe low and your results just as low.


And the thing is, no matter how well your business is going, you’re going to face some sort of setback or failure. It happens to all of us. It could be a failed launch, a bad sales month or some negative feedback. If you’re not 100% behind your own badass self, this sort of stuff can really get to you.


This is exactly why so many businesses fail. They hit a roadblock, and unfortunately, don’t have strong beliefs to keep them going and show them that the hard times are merely hurdles we all have.


But having a strong belief in yourself and your business will help you through just about any set back life throws at you. Here’s how you can keep your belief strong and your confidence high.


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List your accomplishments

When your belief is low, one of the best things you can do is to remind yourself how awesome you are. Write out a list of the things you’ve accomplished, earned or achieved. This can be things like being the first in your family to earn a college degree, or graduating with academic honors. Maybe giving birth to and raising some amazing humans is on your list of accomplishments. It doesn’t have to be recent, just something that reminds you of what you can do when you put your mind to it, and just how amazing you are.

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Keep this list handy. It’s going to be your hidden card. The thing you pull out when you need a little reminder.

Visualize your outcome


Visualization is a very powerful tool. Years ago, when actor Jim Carrey was just starting out,  he drove up to the Hollywood Hills, looked down, and imagined himself entertaining people and creating movies. He took his vision a step further and wrote himself a check for 10 million dollars, dating it 10 years in the future. In the memo section, he wrote “for acting services rendered.” He placed that check in his wallet as a reminder of his vision.


And as we all know, Jim Carrey went on to be a famous actor, paid very highly for his acting services rendered.


You can use this same technique to visualize what you want. Imagine yourself booking that client, or picture the email notification when money lands in your account. Imagine how you’d feel, what you’d say, how you would celebrate.


Pay attention to what you say


Sometimes we’re our own worst critics, even when we don’t mean to be. Thoughts or comments like “People will think I’m an impostor” or “This course isn’t going to sell” really mess with our vibes.


These thoughts are totally normal, but when we think them more often than we should and when we let them mess with our heads, they start to bring down our confidence.


Start being more aware of what you think and say, even if it’s just to yourself.


Own your successes


When you do something epic … own it! It’s not the time for being shy. If you do something great, don’t say things like “I just got lucky” or “oh, no. It’s not that great.”


No, if someone congratulates you or points out something you did, respond with a simple “thank you,” acknowledging and accepting your success.


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Take action


When your low-vibing, get to high-moving! I know it can be hard when your belief is wavering but the best thing you can do is to move forward. Put yourself out there, make more offers. Mindset is so important and you can think your way to success, but making it easy for people to find your business isn’t a bad idea.


No matter who you are, negative thoughts can creep up in your mind. And even if these thoughts are periodic, they can bring down your confidence in yourself and in your business. This is exactly why a positive mindset is essential for any business. Use these tips to help you keep your confidence high, even during challenging times.

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Corinne Kerston

Corinne is a business mindset coach and visibility badass who strives to help passionate, powerful female entrepreneurs get over any fears that are holding their business back and finally succeed. Part mindset, part visibility, lots of business confidence; Corinne helps women kick fear in the ass and build a business that fills their heart with joy. Visit her website for her free report, Is Your Fear Holding You Back?





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