Are you struggling to sell your stuff online?

Do you need to look more professional? Be more trusted? Make more sales?

Has this Quarter been good but not as good as you know it could be with a solid brand behind you? 

Is it time to set yourself up for a super successful 2022?

How you show up online affects how people see you..

From that first moment they lay eyes on your products or your colour scheme to when they press the buttons to buy and see your Thank You screen.

Your online presence needs to work for you 24 hours a day, to bring you the returns you need.

There's no point putting in the time, effort and money if you aren't getting the results. Your brand is meant to help your business stand out, give people the information they need to trust you, understand what you sell and feel a connection with you - a way to deepen their relationship with your brand - and your website is the main tool in your kit to house all of this information and help you reach your online goals. It's where people will go to root about while they're making decisions, you need to get this right and make it easy for people to buy while they're at it.

Don't you prefer to buy from business owners who you feel a connection with? 

We can help your customers feel like that.
Don't you hate it when you want to know something or buy something and you can't find what you're looking for on the website? 

We can help your customers with that.

Don't you hate it when you visit a website and it immediately drains your trust in the business? 

We can help you with that.
Wouldn’t you love to get on with doing what you’re good at – selling your stuff and making your customers happy? Instead of worrying about your brand and your website? 

We can fix that for you.

Are you ready for an Online Adventure?

Who are we?

Photo of Amy Purdie

I'm Amy the Brand Explorer. I'll start the process by sorting out your brand strategy, getting really clear on what you want AND what you stand for. Making sense of the mish-mash of thoughts in your head. Teasing out your hopes and dreams, preferences and observations so that you have a solid starting point on which to build your brand visuals. I'll create a gorgeous set of visuals for you based around your strategy - meaning that they're entirely geared around helping you reach your business goals and accomplishing your dreams. You'll receive all the files you need and more to help your brand stand out online and we'll have a good chat about your content strategy too. You will end up with so much clarity, confidence and pride in your brand that you won't be able to stop showing up and being more visible than ever before. (That's how people know you exist, so keep it up!)

Photo of Jackie Latham

I'm Jackie the Website Whizz and I'll jump in while all of this is going on to figure out your website expectations and create a plan of action. I'll work on the structure of your website, set up your categories and payment gateways and ensure that everything works seamlessly as it should, answering any questions, sourcing the perfect tools you need and testing everything out. Amy will design your website using your new brand visuals and we'll work together to ensure that it's exactly what you need to get results. Your website won't be complete until it's built with SEO and accessibility in mind, ready for backups, secure and mobile responsive. You'll also get one year’s hosting and 60 days of support from me just in case you need it - as well as video training so that you have everything you need to make sure your website works for your business and your customers.

"Well done Jackie. The website shows a real empathy with the aims, ideals and activities at the St Bernadette Club. You spent a lot of time and patience with our needs to get the website just right for us. We are getting fantastic feedback from everyone."

Ian, St. Bernadette Club

Why us?

We both have a passion for helping our clients get to where they want to be and know we work well together. Jackie has worked in IT since before Windows was a twinkle in Bill Gates’ eye and Amy has drawn, doodled and designed her way through life for almost as long. We both run our own brilliant businesses offering brand strategy and visuals (Amy) and wonderful websites (Jackie) - often meeting up to work together for those clients who understand the value of covering strategy through to visuals and content and creating a trustworthy, professional online presence which does justice to their business and gets those results!
We both want to see you succeed.

It's your turn to make a real go of it. This is your chance to stop messing about and to grow something really successful and healthy. You don't have to keep relying on Etsy or Amazon - both great platforms - but neither is YOURS, you can take your success into your own hands, grow your brand and reach those targets you set yourself.

What do you get?

  • Strategy session and a referral sheet - this will help you to stay on track.
  • Your visuals - your logo and sub-marks, icons, illustrations, patterns, fonts, colours, social templates and launch graphics.
  • A content planning session (this doesn't need to be used immediately) so you can create goal-setting content and figure out your plans for social media
  • A website with an online shop so you can sell your products or services in your very own place and create a strong online presence.
  • Training so you know how to use it.
  • Support so you have someone to turn to if you get stuck.

All of this will begin in January with that strategy session and be completed by the end of February. You'll kick your year off with the best chance of success for 2022.

We only have three spaces to work together to grow your brand and make your website work.

2 payments of £2800  or 3 payments of £1900
Or pay in full £5500.*

*with different website expectations the pricing may change. This is based on the below specification. 

Your Brand Strategy

Your brand starts with a strategy. In order to fully understand and stay true to your brand you need to know what it is. Getting clear on your brand helps everything else fall into place. 

We'll have a two hour Clarity Conversation to figure your brand out together and you'll end up with a strategy document that you can refer to which will highlight the essential aspects of your brand and give you suggestions for implementation - and a referral sheet for speedy reference to help you stay on track.  This will be your map to help you navigate your business with more intention and implement your brand in every moment.

This will include essential aspects of your brand such as your values and personality, vision and mission, who your ideal customers are, how you help them, your goals, competition, position and touch points. 

There will also be recommendations to help you strengthen and communicate your brand through your business activity - because your brand is not just your visuals, but also your behaviour.

Two hour clarity conversation
Strategy referral sheet

Your Visuals

Brand visuals are the first things that your audience will see of your business. Getting them right matters. Creating a visual system to effectively communicate what your business is all about and what you stand for in a way that attracts your ideal client will place you front of mind so that when they need you, they know exactly where to go. 

Your Brand System will include your logo, sub-marks and sub-brands in a variety of formats so that you have everything you will ever need. You'll also receive a  library of imagery - patterns, symbols and illustrations - which we will add to over the course of the year.  You'll also receive a style guide to show the fonts and colours you need to use and Canva templates so you can create your own graphics if you have a sudden idea and need to implement it rightnowthisverymoment.  When we have finished working together you'll also be able to reuse, repurpose, recycle, tweak, adapt and keep the magic of brand consistency going using these templates. 

Your logo and sub marks provided in various colour ways suitable for print and web use - eps, transparent png, jpeg and pdf
Your logo and sub marks provided in various colour ways suitable for print and web use - eps, transparent png, jpeg and pdf
Your profile and covers for your social media platforms
Icons / symbols / illustrations 
social media templates for Canva and video tutorial 
Brand Guide so you have your key brand information, colours and fonts to hand
File types information sheet
Video explaining your files
30 days implementation support via email

Content Planning

Content is a huge part of your brand. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. We'll have a content planning session to help you come up with ideas for online use across your blog and social media.

Your website

Your website will include:

Up to 12 pages
One year’s web hosting on Jackdaw web servers
60 days’ post implementation support
Firewall installed and configured
Backup software installed
Video training on how to use your site
Site built in line with latest Google SEO best practices
SSL certificate
Mobile responsive
Accessible Website Design & Development to WCAG 2.1 Standards
Shop installation and setup
Up to 25 products, one image per product
Up to 5 categories
Product search
Customer login
One payment gateway (such as Sagepay, Paypal or Stripe)
Configuration of global shipping zones and prices
eShop stock control

Optional extras include, but not restricted to, (ask for a quote)

Web copy
SEO and Google analytics
Accessibility standards
Any other special functionality such as a chat facility, interactive maps, complex forms
Integration with shipping companies
Integration with your physical store’s ePos system

2 payments of £2800 or 3 payments of £1900
Or pay in full £5500.*

*with different website expectations the pricing may change. This is based on the above specification. 

First payment required prior to work beginning. Payments collected monthly by Direct Debit. 

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"Amy has been amazing at helping me to get my idea out of my head and into reality. I thought I needed a logo!!! Wow! little did I know that our discussions would turn out to be the brand that we have created together. I am so proud to be able to create a campaign with the tools Amy has given me. I have been a technical nightmare but she is always supportive and patient with me. Thank you Amy Purdie for all you have done and your help & support. So pleased I trusted the process, it has set me up to get out there and tell people who I am with confidence and a smile xx"

Claire Louise Owen, The Soberholic