If you live in the North East then it has probably come to your attention that the Antiques Roadshow is at Seaton Deleval Hall today. I thought this would be a great opportunity to have a look at some graphic design related “old things” that I have.

First up, here’s a pencil case that used to belong to my Great Grandmother. I love this because it’s obviously been well used, it’s a right mess actually, my Great Grandmother – Bessie Walton – has written her name all over it!  Also a ruler that belonged to my Grandad Freddy. He was a joiner, so I imagine he used this to measure out bits of wood. Look at the numbers – aren’t they beautiful?

Next, here are some sketches by John Ryan of Captain Pugwash fame. I think that these are from a talk by John Ryan at a library sometime before I was born. Aren’t these fantastic?

A while ago I was given a box of postcards, these belonged to the owner of the pencil case above, and led to me collecting postcards. There were around 400 in this box, some more interesting than others.

This one used to squeak, but it’s definitely too old to do that now. There’s a spring/ squeaky thing behind the cats head.

This postcard has a fold out album of photographs:

Charlie Chaplin postcards:

Another set – “With the territorials”

One of the best things about these postcards is the writing on the backs. These provide a snapshot into the lives of my family. There are two postcards the same here which were both addressed to my Great Grandpa who was a dairy farmer  and milkman, you can see why.  From January 1909 a card reads “If it’s fine Saturday morning, will have a ton of hay ready for afternoon”, another from 1914 reads “we’ve been busy working for the soldiers making shorts, socks and mits” while in 1916 Lizzie tells Miss E. Smith “Don’t romp about too much or your nose will bleed” – new one on me!  Birthday cards, new year cards, cards for no reason, cards sent in the post but with no message. Some cards are so filled with writing that they overflow onto the front, some are completely impossible to work out. I find them fascinating. I could have spent all of yesterday looking at postcards while I was taking photographs for this post. 

Are you going to Seaton Deleval Hall today? Do you have any interesting antiques?

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