Image is illustration of yellow picnic, purple bag, teal water bottle and brown paper bag with the legs, bottle and orange of a person sitting on the ground in the opposite corner. Text reads: "Assembling a picnic is similar to assembling your brand".

It’s been great weather for picnics lately hasn’t it? We’ve had a few recently, the kids love a picnic, and it’s lovely to spread out on a blanket and enjoy the sun with things to eat.

When you go on a picnic you need a selection of things to make it work.

  • Something to sit on.
  • Somebody to enjoy the picnic with.
  • Something to eat and drink.
  • Somewhere to go.

Assembling a picnic is similar to assembling your brand.

You need to sort out your picnic blanket. Your brand is nothing without something to sit on, to base everything else on. Without spending time figuring out what matters and why and determining your goals. Once this is in place you can set out the rest of the picnic.

You need some company. Who is your audience? Who would be the perfect person to invite to share your picnic with?

The food and drink is what you offer them. The things you do and the results they get from buying your thing. The happiness they feel when they eat your sausage rolls or the refreshment they experience when you pass the flask of tea across the blanket. If you know who those people are then you can make sure you pack your picnic with just the right things to get them coming back for more and raving about what a great time they had.

My favourite picnic food is a ready made quiche.  Cut it up before you go and use the box for any rubbish. SO easy to pack and minimum effort. Top tip right there 😉

And finally you need somewhere to go. Where are you gonna take this picnic which will be full of those people you want to have join you on your blanket? Where are THEY?

Once you have your strategy in place you can start adding in the accessories. Which colour plates do you need? Or napkins? What colour is your picnic basket? What shape do you need to cut the sandwiches? Do you need to include paper umbrellas or add bunting and fairy lights? What will make your picnic the most appealing picnic that ever was?

So grab a sandwich and take time to consider…

  • Your strategy
  • Your ideal client
  • Your offer
  • Where you need to be
  • What your visuals are

Have a think about your brand in terms of a picnic and see if there’s anything you need to revisit… if so then I would love to help you with this over the Summer with your Great Summer Brand Adventure – this gives you the clarity and the tangible elements which empower you to understand your brand, use it with ease and help you – and others – to fall more in love with your business. There’s only three spaces available for this.

Wanna know a bit more? Get in touch and I’ll get back to you with all of the info you need to see if this Adventure is for you.

There’s also a brief 4:24mins IGTV about the Great Summer Brand Adventure available on Instagram if you wanna find out a bit more first.

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