Yesterday was Pirate Day at nursery so my daughter was dressed up as a pirate and went off to nursery to do Pirate things. She looked great ūüôā


Pirates know a thing or two about branding.

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A pirate always¬†has the skull and cross bones flag floating on their pirate ship. Pirates know their mark and make sure that they use it. It’s recognisable and simple enough to make an impact from a distance. They use the same colours and if you were at sea and saw¬†a ship with that flag you would be worried about it because you’d know what it symbolised.

Do you have a clear, recognisable brand that stirs peoples emotions and portrays your values? Pirates have the flag, the ship, parrots, eye patches and wooden legs to build their brand image – what have you got?

I’ve created a worksheet for you to help work out what it is that you stand for in your business and think about different ways you could communicate this:

Pirate Ship-business-01-01


Pirates have a goal – to find¬†treasure – and what’s more they have a map to help them¬†find it¬†and some spades to uncover it¬†when they¬†find the X.

Do you have a goal in your business? The pirates want¬†to find treasure¬†– maybe you do too, or maybe you want to help people or make a difference in the world? Whatever it is, it’s good to have a map to help you to achieve your goals, and some tools to help you on the way.

I’ve created a little treasure map for you that you can print out and fill in which might help you to map out your goals and get clear on how you’re going to reach them.

Treasure map-01

So today I’d love to know how your business relates to pirates – what you can do to make your business communicate as clearly as the pirates image does, and also what your goals are.




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