The Brand Bravery Podcast


I would LOVE to have you on the Brand Bravery Podcast. 

Need to know:

- I will be recording this on Zoom. The video will go on YouTube and be linked to from my blog and I'll also use sections of it to promote the Podcast on social media. I am unlikely to edit the video beyond chopping the ends off!

- The Podcast will be linked to from my blog and posted about everywhere too. 

- Once booked I'll be in touch to find out the key things you'd like to cover to help guide the conversation, and also for a photograph, bio and links.

- Please choose a time on the recording days which are currently Thursday 5th in the afternoon and Friday 6th in the morning. If you can't book a slot during these times please let me know a time that suits you better and we'll figure that out.

- I have set this up as a 30 minute slot, you don't have to fill that! It's a guide not a goal.

- Not listened to the Podcast yet? Do that here.

The format will be:

Introduce you. 

I'll do a little bit of that and then you can take over and give more information.

Your story.  
I want to ask you about why you started your business, to share your story up to now. This will be the main part of the Podcast, I want to know about your business. Linking in with Bravery moments - see below! 

Brand Bravery.  
I want to know when you had Brand Bravery in your business. (Brand Bravery is what happens when you get the clarity and confidence to Do A Thing. For my clients this means have strategy and visuals that give them oomph to DO, but it can mean whatever it means to you.) This could be actually starting your business in the first place, going on video for the first time, reaching out to someone, getting help with something, showing up, making a commitment to doing something - anything goes. This may come up naturally in the story section 🙂 

And finally I would love you to share up to three tips for business and brand success. These aren't meant to be long. Think quick and punchy! And tell people where they can find out more about you too.