I finished this over the weekend. Poles Apart: Challenges for Business in the Digital Age – by Kate Baucherel*.

The book is all about making us “aware of the risks and rewards of engaging in the lnline space, and how to reconcile the different viewpoints across the digital skills spectrum” and I think Kate does this very well.

The book looks at how Polar Bears and Penguins – each used to represent different approaches to business in the digital age – can understand and thrive online.

If you’re worried about how to utilise the online space then this is a great book to read to help you see not only how looking at being more socially engaged can help your business, but also how you can make sure you are using the tools available to you safely and legally.

If you’re not worried about this at all (this was me) then it’s worth reading so that you can be sure that you’re doing everything above board and have considered things you might not have considered.

This book will make you think about what your business is doing online and make changes accordingly. I think Kate covers some really important stuff in here – essential reading to make sure you’re doing things right online.

*I’ve met Kate several times in real life, she’s a lovely person, very down to earth and she really knows what she’s talking about here. 

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