Lately I’ve been reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. You might have read this already, or have watched him on YouTube

Very near the beginning of the book I read this:

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another

It’s part of a story about a man who was digging for gold and gave up because although he’s had success and had found some, it ran out. Unfortunately for him, he was only three feet away from more gold, but he gave up and someone else took over, did some thorough research and became very successful.

Are you thinking of slinging in the towel? Maybe you’re only a few feet away from gold yourself!

A couple of years ago I was doing OK in my business, but I was getting a bit fed up. I wanted to do better. I didn’t feel that I was doing well enough to justify the time I was spending on it. I didn’t want to give up (I’m not a giving up kind of person, I am pig headed about seeing things through!) so I decided to invest in a coach. Honestly, the difference this made was incredible. I saw her once a month and we worked through many different aspects of my business. I rebranded, I changed my website, I developed a process and researched my clients, I worked out who my best clients were and wrote a business plan that was MINE not a rehashed version of my previous employers.

It was worth every penny and Lynn was amazing.

After this I took part in a three day business masterclass event and had my head blown off with new ways of working and ideas to build my business. I made some changes really quickly. Mainly, I created a free offer to encourage people to join my list and I started making videos.

This course has made a HUGE difference to where I am now, and because of the ground work I’d put in, it wasn’t too hard to implement everything.

Since then I’ve invested in online courses and also in in-person coaching and I know from the lifestyle that I have now how much of a difference all of this coaching has made to my business and my life.

It was worth investing in. Seeking help was worth it and I feel that the gold I was three feet away from is now under my toes.

Are you a quitter or are you a determined so and so like me? 

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