Tomorrow I’m being a guest on a webinar. I’ve never done a webinar before so I’m a little nervous, but it’s on the topic of Goal Setting – related to The Goal Setting Collective so it’s bound to be fun 🙂

Having a goal is a bit like baking a cake. 

You know what you want the outcome to be, but in order to make the cake, you need to work through various steps.

You need to know what you need – the ingredients – and what to do with it.


Say you have a goal to create a membership site. You need to know what sort of membership site (what kind of cake!) you’re making.

Once you’ve worked that out you need to work out what that is going to look like.

These are the ingredients to make it a success. Some of the things I had on my list when I did this were:

– workbooks and planners

– sales page

– post – out – able items

– thank you page


So the steps to make that happen – the method – is the next part.

Once you’ve followed your recipe you’ll have a cake! Here are some of my steps from The Goal Setting Collective:

– work out how membership works (techy stuff!)

– work out flow

– decide survey questions

– run survey

– get prices for planner

– determine pricing

– create graphics

– create sales page

– write autoresponders

– make video

– design and create content

– order wall planners/ magnets/ stickers

– create a marketing plan

– set an advertising budget

– Go!

The other thing to remember is that baking a cake takes time. It might only be 20 minutes if it’s a sponge cake, it might be 4 hours if you’re making a fruit cake – the timescales will vary. Your cake might take a while to be ready, and it might be a while you have enough people eating it. It depends what you’re aiming for.


What recipe are you working on right now?

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