On Tuesday my daughter started school which is of course a really big deal. Yesterday when I dropped her off I was the only parent who didn’t go in with their child. She didn’t need me, she was off – and when I picked her up she told me she didn’t want to leave. I think the shorter staged days are too short for her, so it’ll be great in a couple of weeks when she’s full time.

Starting school is very exciting and I have felt very proud of her. She’s so smiley and independent and enthusiastic. Her first words every morning this week have been “big school”, she can’t wait to get her school uniform on and she thinks her teacher is the best thing since sliced bread. She’s off to a great start 🙂

Her starting school has changed things for me too. My hours won’t have changed once she’s full time, but instead of working 4 days I’m now working 5 and I don’t get to work at my best time (late afternoon) because I want to collect her from school.

Life is full of change and new starts. Staring nursery, starting school, starting clubs and after school activities, starting another school, moving house, starting college or university, starting a new job, starting a new relationship, starting a family, starting a new business…

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When you started your business – what did you have to do?

I know for me I was fine with the things that I DO in my job – designing logos and brands, creating items for print like brochures and leaflets, designing websites and doing illustrations – but there was a lot of stuff that I wasn’t so good at – publicising my business, social media, keeping my accounts up to date, pricing, organisation – there are a ton of things that you need to learn how to do when you start your business –  and I’m still learning.

The first things I did when I started my business were:

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– I wrote a business plan, accessed some support and got some funding so I could buy the things I needed

– I set up my office in my parents house

– I had my terms and conditions sorted out by a great solicitor

– I came up with a business name and designed my logo and business cards

– I had some PR done for me by a fantastic PR person

– I set up social media

– I designed the most basic website holding page EVER so I had “something”

After this I felt ready to go – but there was still so much to learn, and I did spend a lot of time doing just that – and I loved it.  I’m still learning. I read a lot of books, watch webinars, I’m learning more and more all the time and I’ve redone my rushed off business image so I’m proud of it and it suits Whiteacres better.

Everyone has to start somewhere!

My next step will definitely be to delegate more.

This week I’d like to know what were your first steps when you started your business?



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