Not that long ago I was involved in a some artwork for Sugar Glider Stories 2. This is a comic which accompanies the main Sugar Glider comic – it’s all about Susie, who’s a bit bored of her life – college, work, hobbies… so she becomes a superhero. As you do! They’re a great read, with words by Daniel Clifford and art by Gary Bainbridge, each with Sugar Glider Stories alongside to fill in the gaps and add a bit more depth to the main story. These are written and drawn by different people, so you get a lovely mix of different styles.

Daniel saw a piece of work I did at university (a colouring in book for Barcelona) and asked me to do some work in that style to contrast with the amazing work by Jack Couvela who draws the flashbacks that go with the story. So I did, and it was a lot of fun!

You can buy the comics here.

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