a teddy bear wearing a yellow onesie sits on a pile of books. The top book is red and is Superfans by Pat Flynn. Behind the bear is a black rubber vase with orange tulips inside. Words read "VIP Treatment".

A couple of weeks ago, my son had go to A & E. We’ve been to A & E before – but it was different this time. The seats in the waiting room were taped up to stop people sitting together which meant we had to share a chair, and the room we waited in to be observed was just for us. The toys were clean.. which isn’t an ideal observation to make about a hospital but on previous visits I’ve found them to be sticky.. and there weren’t very many of them.

It was also really hard to find the way in because there wasn’t a sign for A & E…

Anyway, my son thought it was great fun, he played with the light up drums, danced, chatted, followed the paths on the floor, we measured ourselves and his toy lion on the height chart, read a book about the letter K and he spent time looking through the window on the doors for the lady in her “rubber cloak” (I have no idea what this means..) and to spy on the receptionists. We had snacks (this was the point where I knew he was totally fine) and he declared that it was a great hospital and he wanted to live there.

When the lady came in (without her rubber cloak) I told her this and she gave him a teddy bear and sent us home early.

The bear is called Bibi. Right now, it’s the best thing ever.

I’ve also been reading the book Superfans by Pat Flynn* (read it, it’s good) and this experience made my son into a superfan. He had VIP treatment. His own room. No sharing. Clean toys! Quality time with me. Mini cheddars and a chocolate bar. And a teddy bear to remember it all with.

Small things that made a big difference.

What small things can you do in  your business to make a big difference for your customers?

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