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Aside from making your life easier, saving you time and removing decision making from your day-to-day – what’s the point of being consistent?

Having a consistent brand is about repeating the same things over and over again.

It’s about showing up in the same way over and over again so that people know who you are.

Things like: 

  • Showing up with the same name/ format in their inbox.
  • Using the same colour scheme on everything.
  • Typing up the same phrases again and again wherever you are.
  • Incorporating your values, vision, mission, personality – all the aspects of your strategy on repeat.
  • Using photographs of you so that people know who you are when you walk into the room even when they’ve never met you before.
  • Making sure each customer has the same experience.
  • Creating templates and processes for everything you can in your business to make this easy.

It’s about helping your current and future customers recognise your business wherever they connect with it, because you’re using the same brand voice, assets and and style. Over and over again.

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Consistency is great for your audience because they recognise that you are you and that makes them pay attention because they don’t want to miss what you’re saying!

It’s great for you because they’re stopping. They’re paying attention. Isn’t that the whole point? If you are running a business and you want people to buy then they need to know about you…

Being consistent also helps others to remember you. Once they’re paying attention they’re more likely to remember who you are (or what your business is) – they’ll be able to search for you, to talk about you, to recommend you – to buy from you.

It’s great being remembered. For the right reasons. This is your chance to show up as the expert you are and be remembered for your talents, skills, expertise, amazing products, knowledge and authority.

Another benefit is that if you’re showing up consistently then your audience will get to know you. When you know who your ideal customer is you can create content that resonates with them – use the sort of words that they use, use props that they’ll have in their lives, talk about events and places and shops and music and TV programmes that they care about. Talk about the issues they’re facing. This stuff helps them to resonate with you. Which means they feel seen and heard. Known. This is far more powerful than simply being recognised and remembered – it creates a connection. A connection which you can only build upon and grow through consistently resonating with your ideal customer more and more.

And finally (there are five R words here, have you noticed?) being consistent will REALLY pay off, and you’ll get results.

Those results could be anything from comments, likes, shares, new friends and fans or an increased open rate right up to brand new customers.

Meaning that it pays to be consistent.

Here’s a recap:

Consistency is about repetition. This leads to recognition, helps others to resonate with you and remember you – and finally to get results.

Worth the effort? 

Brand consistency is hands down the thing I get asked about mostand honestly it’s such an easy fix.

  1. Make decisions.

2. Stick to them.

Make it easy to stick to them. Have a reference sheet. Create templates. Create phrases that you’ll use often.
Being consistent is about putting in a little bit of work upfront and then just doing it.

Always use those colours. Always use those fonts. Always have your focus on your mission and vision. Always know what your values are and look to them for inspiration.

Having a consistent brand isn’t just about how your business looks, it’s about the message you’re sharing, the impression you’re creating, the personality you’re exuding.

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When you have a consistent brand it makes everything easier. Creating content becomes easier – I was struggling today but then I checked myself and remembered that helping you create an easy brand to create an easier business is part of my mission – and then it was suddenly so easy to know what to say.

Because I want you to succeed. I don’t want you to be feeling unseen, confused and overwhelmed by your brand. If my content helps to show you that it can be easier and give you the inspiration to make some decisions and jump out of confusion and into clarity then I am doing something right.

Branding seems like some mysterious woolly object to get tangled in, but it’s really easy to untangle and knit into something that makes sense. It’s really just sticking with what you know to be true and sharing that over and over again.

It’s doing.

Doing the things that help people understand what you’re about. Doing the things that are true to you. Doing the things that matter. Doing the things that make communicating your brand a total doddle.

For example…

  • When I create a social media post, I grab my templates and change the text and image. Done.
  • When I create a new blog post I grab my templates, change the text and image. Done.
  • When I am writing something like this I focus on part of my brand strategy and the message I want to share and get on with it focussing on YOU. Done.
  • When I’m putting a new offer together I think about who my ideal customer is, what their struggles are and how I can best help them and it practically creates itself. Done.
  • When I’m making decisions about where to spend my time and money I look at my strategy and decide. Done.

See how branding makes your business easier?

No scrabbling about on Canva, no panic about what to say, no worries about who to say it to, no worries about what to do.

It’s easier.

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