When clients come to me, they often have an idea of what they want, but they need to help me so that I can provide the best service I can. I have a sheet that we fill in together at the beginning over a cup of tea. I really enjoy this bit because I get to find out all about the business, the person behind it and maybe find out other bits of information that could be useful during the design process. I’m really nosey,  ask loads of questions and make lots of notes, and then I type up a brief to be approved before we start. This is not an exhaustive list, these are the main things I like to know, but each project is different.

Here are twelve things I like to know about:

  1. What the product or service is.
  2. Why it’s great! What are the benefits?
  3. Who are the customers? What do they like? Where will they access the work?
  4. What the business values are.
  5. What the business is doing already to get business.
  6. Who the competitors are?
  7. What are the needs? Is it a brand identity, some print work, a website or some illustration?
  8. What are the objectives? Is it to gain more business? To communicate a message? To create awareness?
  9. Likes and dislikes. Maybe you love a website that you saw the other day, or there’s a certain shade of green that makes your blood boil, or you’ve got a brochure you’ve kept for years because it’s beautiful.
  10. What the budget is.
  11. It’s also good to have a deadline. I love deadlines.
  12. How the success of the work will be measured.

You can find out more about writing design briefs from the  Design Council

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