Recently we embarked on the messy, fun adventure that is weaning. We have discovered that bananas are too slippery to hold but they work well in flapjacks and pancakes. Mini Mr Whiteacres likes cherry tomatoes and peppers, potato and sausages. He can’t really cope with noodles yet and isn’t fussed with cucumber. Bibs aren’t big enough but muslin cloths cover a larger area, and I have discovered that I really like hummous.

Learning about food and how to eat it is an interesting journey. Clearly it’s a lot of fun as he will reach out for his food before he’s been strapped into his high chair – he’s really enjoying all the new tastes and textures.

When you have a new business image it can be a bit of a learning curve getting to grips with it. Remembering which font to use and to check that the colours are the right ones, making sure that you use the right brand language and take a photograph which is the perfect fit for your business. Especially if you’re hurrying to get something out there or feel overwhelmed by the effort of following the rules. The thing to remember is that just like weaning a baby, it’s meant to be fun. I provide a style GUIDE when I create a visual brand for a business. This is not a rule book, it’s a guide. Purposefully. Sometimes you will get it wrong, you might have templates which would certainly help – or you might follow the guide but because you’re not a creative person you might find that your attempt is still clunky and doesn’t quite portray what you want. That’s fine – how can you possibly learn if you don’t keep trying?

A business image which fits you and your business should be an enjoyable process to create and easy to upkeep. Once you know what you like – what fits you – that shade of green, that shape, those fonts, that style of imagery – it should be relatively easy to follow the guide because you should be passionate about it – and like many things, practice makes perfect.

Just like weaning, adjusting to your business image can be a little messy at first, but ultimately it will be second nature and you’ll find creating your brand image as easy as picking up a knife and fork.

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