As if I'd send my child to school in England without a waterproof coat! Picture of raindrops and a headshot of Amy (white female, blonde shoulder length hair and green top)

The other day it was raining VERY heavily when I picked up my son from school. Puddle dodging rain. I stood in the yard and all the kids came out one by one with their waterproofs on until my son appeared. No coat.

Of course my first reaction wasn’t even to say hello but to ask him where his coat was, unzip his bag and pull it out so he could put it on. To which his teacher exclaimed “he told me he didn’t have one!”

As if I’d send my son to school in England without a waterproof.

He had one with him but he didn’t use it. Maybe he was too lazy to get it out, maybe he didn’t care about the rain, maybe he had forgotten it was in his bag..

I bet you have stuff you’re not using.

Perhaps you have a style guide you’re not referring to. Maybe you know what your brand values are but you’re not living them fully. Maybe you’ve done some work on your ideal client and what they really care about but you’re not speaking to them. Perhaps you have an email list you’re not mailing, a group you’re barely showing up in, social templates you’re not using, a course you’re not completing, a vision you’re not focussing on… something that you would really benefit from using like a waterproof in the rain.

What do you need to pull out and start using?

You would really benefit from joining the Brand Success Club. It’s like a branding waterproof, handy to have in your bag and you’ll use it a lot.

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