According to Apolo Ohno “consistency is a super power.”

Consistency is doing the same thing over and over again so that you are fixing your brand in the minds of others.

This could be when people see a colour and think of you – Ikea’s blue and yellow, MINT business club and mint green, Moira Barnes red and yellow, light pinks and gold for the Female Entrepreneur Association and vibrant neons for The Soberholic – spider mans blue and red.

It could be a phrase, Michelle Rose Marketing is well known for “done not perfect”, Victor Meldrew and his catchphrase “I don’t believe it!”, Homer Simpson and “doh!!”, Nike and “Just do it!”.

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It could be a shape. It could be the way there’s a triangle in the corner every time. It could be the font combination. A use of certain elements such as a character over and over again. Your face.

Why bother with all of this consistency?

Passing on your super powers!

This is your chance to communicate what you’re all about – through words and visuals, to let people know what your super powers are! You know what matters. So finding ways to share this – the same, but different – is really beneficial for your brand.

Be memorable.

It’s so much easier to remember who someone is if they look the same and sound the same every time they show up. These things will start to stick – the more you see the same thing, the more familiar it becomes – and the more you show up consistently – the more top of mind you’ll be, so when there’s a situation that needs your super power – you’ll be the one they’ll call.

Get noticed.

You stop if you see a post by a familiar brand – you want to know what they’re saying. Being consistent helps to show your strengths and your personality and these help to show your differentiation from other similar businesses. Why should anyone call YOU when there are other superheroes in your niche? This is your time to let people know.

“We are what we repeatedly do”


Create connection.

It’s easier for people to connect with your brand if they know who you are. If they really resonated with something you said in a previous post then ensuring your visuals are consistent will help them to recognise you next time and stop to look. Connection is worth creating because once you’ve formed a connection, then that person will be more invested in your brand and want to know more about your superhero story.

Create trust.

Show up. The same. Day in, day out. Be reliable. Say the same things. Post the same messages with the same templates.. and you can be trusted to do the same again tomorrow. And the day after that. This gives people confidence that you can deliver on what you say. Which is why they’ll rely on you when they need your super help.

Find ease.

Branding doesn’t have to be hard! Once you’ve made all the decisions and you know what you’re all about it becomes so much easier and faster – you can create content at speed, you know what your messages are, you have values to help you make decisions and a personality to help you know how to show up. All you have to do is pop your cape on, get out there and do your thing!

Don’t bother? Well… you’ll have a confusing mis-matched visual presence which doesn’t look all that professional.. you’ll send out confusing messages.. and you’ll find that people just don’t remember you as much... add consistency to your super powers and you won’t have this issue.

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Amy has been enjoying designing logos, brand identities, illustration, print work and websites – since 2007 fuelled mainly by tea and chocolate.

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