Make your bbusiness memorable - guest post

What do you think branding is? It’s a lot more than just a logo or a graphical element. The term brand tells your story and conveys your value. It is what your consumers perceive of your business. Branding is significantly important if you want to strengthen your marketing campaigns, increase customer satisfaction, and make your business memorable.

What if you don’t have a brand? Well, your customers would not really relate to you, and may even forget about you. Let’s take a look at why every business, small or big, should invest efforts and resources in branding.

Improving recognition

Your company’s logo is a major part of your brand. What comes to your mind when you see the initials, P&G? Right, Proctor and Gamble. What do you think of when you see that golden, yellowish M, set over a red background? McDonald’s. Now do you realise the importance of your brand’s logo?

Your logo is your face to the market that completely reflects your business and creates an impression on your target audience. It helps them recognise and remember your company.

Creating trust

Branding gives your company a professional appearance, which increases consumer trust and builds credibility. People prefer buying from a brand that appears to be legitimate, polished and renowned.

Supporting advertising

Marketing is crucial for every business, and your brand lies at the very core. Which medium do you choose for advertising?  Your branding can support it and increase your awareness.

Building reputation

A brand helps establish your business, and creates an impression on your audience. Generally, your branding is everywhere: your website, social media pages, business cards, promotional products and at your office. So, it serves as an identity for your business, and helps your firm grow.

Connecting with your consumers

A strong brand helps you connect with your targeted audience at a personal and emotional level.

Generating referrals

Branding can help you get referrals if you have happy and satisfied customers. They would talk about your brand, share all the details of your products, and spread word of mouth, thereby helping you get more leads. If you are using customised and promotional products, then all the better. Share these with your customers, and they’d be marketing your company without doing any talking. Customised products like pens, mugs, bags and even t-shirts are highly effective for building your brand.

Boosting employee pride

Your team is important; they’ve helped you get here and would help you grow. If you brand is reputed, your employees would be satisfied, happy, motivated, and take pride in being part of a reputed company. What does this mean for you? Greater performance levels, more productivity, employee retention and low turnover rate.

Winning investments

If your brand is well known, you can generate future business and increase the worth of your company, getting an edge in the industry. This would make potential investors take notice, and they would be more interested in making investments in your company.

So, how do you enjoy all these benefits?

When your brand can do the following:

§     Delivers your message clearly

§     Appeals and motivates your targeted audience

§     Establishes your credibility

So, start building your brand now, and ultimately, grow your business!


Eva is a writer and marketer for Custom Gear. When she’s not working, she spends time with her family, and she always finds time to dabble on cinema, film photogrljnaphy, and literature.







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