Text reads: What are you putting off? Image in the background is the shadow of a boy on a basket swing.

I took my son to the playground the other day for the first time in over a year. SUCH a treat for both of us. I’ve never been a huge playground fan unless it’s the kind where I don’t have to get up to push swings and make roundabouts spin.. but this felt special because it’s something we’ve been actively avoiding for obvious reasons.

His face…


Sometimes the things we’ve been putting off are the best things.

I used to be in an orchestra at school, I played the violin and I would moan about going to rehearsals and then I’d get there and it would be great.I haven’t played the violin in a LONG time. I showed it to my daughter when she was three and she broke it. It’ll only take a tiny bit of glue to fix (I think) but I haven’t got around to it yet.

What do you put off that actually once you do it you know will be worth it?

Perhaps you need to do more reels because you know they get great engagement but you’re putting off doing them? Maybe you need to update your website but you haven’t made the time yet even though you know the text on your homepage isn’t representative of your brand anymore. Maybe like me, you’ve been putting off writing regular blog post and emails for forever even though I know when I used to do this I’d get replies and sales and people would talk to me about them at networking events… I’ve fixed this now and I am getting lovely comments. It’s worth it. But it took me too long to get my act together.

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Leona of Leona’s Mindful Makers told me that she’s “been putting off putting myself out there to bigger organisations for staff workshops. I asked one that I know to recommend me to any and they came forward with two recommendations and one of those also recommended me 🤩 it’s true it’s never as bad as you think”

How amazing is that?!

Putting things off can mean you’re missing out on amazing things, so making it happen is THE BEST.

I’ve been putting off hiring someone amazing to help me with tasks in my business that I don’t need to do myself. It’s crackers because I’ve done this before, but we get so attached to things don’t we and make a bigger deal out of it than we need to… BUT! The lovely Suzanne, The Admin Geek who I had the pleasure of creating a yellow and navy identity for when she started her business is now helping me publish these blog posts and send my emails.

I knew when I did that work for her that I wanted her to help me out with “stuff” but hadn’t yet defined what the “stuff” would be… and I expect that I’m going to add to the stuff as I get better at letting go. That’s the plan!

I’d LOVE to know what you outsource in your business? Give me some more ideas of things I don’t need to do…

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