Recently I went to a Yo! Sushi for the first time. It was great. If you’ve never been before and you like Japanese food – go! There are taps on the table for still and sparkling water (this is reason enough to go as it is! Brilliant!) the food is made fresh in a kitchen where you can see it and then popped on colour coded plates on a mini-food-conveyor-belt that goes past all the tables so you can take off the item you want to eat as it trundles past. Fantastic. Also great entertainment for small people – and I got to use chopsticks and I’d forgotten how much fun that is too.

I really enjoyed it.

It was great to be able to see what I could eat before I chose to eat it, to work out from the pictures on the menu what was what. The different coloured plates pertain to different prices, so when you’re all done your plates are used to add up the cost of your meal. A very easy system to follow and a really fun way to eat.

Does your business have a system? Is it easy to follow for your clients and yourself?

I haven’t talked about my system for a while now, but I still have one that I follow:

Brief – Research – Creation – Development – Delivery.

You can read more about this starting here, but a quick rundown goes like this:

  • Brief – talking about the project, answering lots of questions, finding out about your business
  • Research – looking into what you do, your competitors, your target audience
  • Creation – the first part of the design process, creating an image which suits your business
  • Development – finalising the design after discussion
  • Delivery – providing the files/ ordering the print/ making the website live

One of the things about Yo! Sushi that I love is that it’s colour coded – something which, bizarrely for someone who loves colour coding, I have not implemented in my own business! I am definitely going to be looking at my own system and seeing how it can be improved – and may well add colour coding into it if it’s worthwhile.

Yo! Sushi was a lot of fun, the different ways to read the menu (with words and with picures) the sparkling tap water, the conveyor belt of food – a great place to get inspiration for improving how things are done and to make it all more fun.

Taking time out has meant that I’ve taken a step back from my business and can see areas for development when I’m working more regularly again. It’s easy to get bogged down in doing the work (and loving it) but being removed from that is definitely giving me more clarity on how I want my business to look/ function/ be in the future.

Where have you found inspiration for improving the way your business works?

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