Your brand is what people say, feel and think about your business. It’s something that will happen wether you like it or not. If you’re not aware of it, then you have no control over it. If you have no control over it then the things people think, feel and say may not be the things you’re hoping for…

BrandING is the actions that you take to make your important truths stand out and compel people to have positive things to think, feel and say about your business.

So branding really matters if you want to know that peoples perception of you is correct. If you want people to connect with your brand. If you want your business to be on the tip of their tongue. If you want to appeal to the best people who will benefit the most. If you want to find it easier to make decisions and to seek inspiration.

Branding is about super charging your brand foundations in your business so that your brand is strengthened.

Why exactly does it matter?

Well here’s 10 reasons.

It makes you feel great about your business if you know what matters and you know that you’re communicating that to your audience – you gain brand bravery and you’re ready to share your business everywhere because your brand shame has gone!

It makes your audience feel more confident in you because they can see that you’re not some fly by night operation but a real business. They trust you.

Your brand helps you stand out – it differentiates you from other similar businesses and helps you to be seen.

It gives you inspiration for your marketing and for the way you run your business.

Those people who become customers feel a connection with what you’re about and who you are. It’s easier to build meaningful relationships and community around your brand.

Creating a brand means that you’re not just competing on price anymore. You have other things to offer.

You’ll understand your audience better so you’ll be able to offer them things that they actually need.

If you know what your brand IS then you can create awareness of that through consistency. Brand awareness leads to sales through the five R’s. Repetition > Recognition > Resonance > Remembering > Results.

Knowing what your brand is, makes everything EASIER. Branding is thoughtful and strategic.

Determining your brand helps to determine your visuals.

If you’d like to explore this further, check out Love Your Brand and we can do this together.

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