Yesterday I had a consultation with a new client and she shared with me her goals for her business, which are really exciting and doable. But big, really big. And brilliant because they are completely to do with how much support she can offer to the people that she serves and her business and she’s going to be able to do so much more for so many more people and have a much bigger impact, which is so, so exciting for her.

I’m looking forward to diving into her strategy and her visuals and helping her to find ways to meet those goals. When you work on your strategy, the whole point is to help you reach your goals. There’s no point in doing branding if you get work done on it, then shove it in a drawer and forget about it.

BrandING is about doING. Putting in the effort required to get your brand known enough by the relevant people so that those big dreams can become real.

You have to take action with it. You have to do something with that piece of work to help you get to where you want to be. So when you are working on your brand, you are working towards the thing that you really want to achieve in your business, which is exciting. This is your opportunity to really evaluate everything and determine what it is that you want to do, what is it really about as to you who really matters to you and how you are going to get there?

It’s about really focusing on how you are going to enable that ideal person to achieve the goals they have (which fall under your remit) and how you are going to help that happen, how you going to achieve your goals for how you want that to look. So it’s not an airy fairy little document that you shove away and let dust gather, it’s something that you’re going to refer to and find really useful because it is about getting you from A to B.

I am so excited about that because I think for quite a lot of us we’ve had a few hard years with the pandemic – which I know many of us are still recovering from – and 2023 is around the corner and this is the opportunity that we have to do something better to do something differently, not that you have to wait till 2023, but if you want to work on your strategy and really get laser focused on what it is that you can do to help those goals come to life, this is a really good time to do that.

In preparation for next year, you can join my free challenge to do that, we start the 21st November – sign up here – the challenge will guide you through some of the things you need to do with your strategy to prepare you for next year so that you can have your best year ever.

It’s all about working on your brand from the inside so that it shines out of you, which you can’t help – it’s there shining away and making wonderful things happen for you. Your brand is going to help you to address the problems that you have in your business, fix them and get you there.

You’re not gonna get partway through the process and think “I’m a bit stuck now” it’s like a map to help you discover where it is that you want to be, which is something I think we all need. And even people like myself who clearly are quite aware of what to do with brand strategy, it’s something that needs revisiting sometimes.

I’m currently revisiting my own brand strategy, and that’s been really interesting because it has been a while since I’ve really looked in depth at my own, and just to look at things and get really excited about them is really helpful, but also to be focused to have that clarity because your strategy is all about gaining clarity, which helps you on the journey to reaching your goal to discover what it is that you want.

Look at things like

  • what your vision is
  • what your purpose is
  • what your ultimate brand idea is
  • what different things are going to happen
  • how you can how you could use the different the different strategies that you have
  • what tactics you can put in place to help them become real

It’s about thinking about where you want to be and what the solution is. Then getting even more focused on that and the more work you put into your strategy before you get to that point the clearer those answers are going to be they’re just going to materialise because you’ve put in the time to make that really evident. You’ve looked at who your competitors are, discover where it is that you are really excelling, where they maybe are not, where you can really capitalise on the gap.

And you’ll have thought about your what your ideal customers really benefit from and it’s about putting them at the centre. And working out how that’s all gonna work and then you have your strategies and your tactics and before you know it that goal that was far away is so much closer. Working on your brand is going to help you to achieve more of what you want, so I’d love you to join my challenge.

It starts on the 21st November and the link is here – go and sign up and I will guide you through five different aspects that you need when you are building your brand strategy and there will be a masterclass as well after the challenge to tie it all together. Finalise it and get it to a place where you can say, “Right, I know what to do with this now.”

I don’t want you to do something. And be like, “Oh, what’s next?” That’s not going to happen with my challenge. You’re going to do the stuff. You’re going to have some ideas of what to do with it during the week. But then when we do the masterclass, that’s going to give you even more ideas, more suggestions to move forward and make those goals that you have happen.

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