How are YOU?

I'd love to speak to you about what you do and how I can help you share your passion with others to transform their lives.


Text me: 07731 582 379 (I keep my phone on silent, this is the easiest way to catch me!)

You can also post "actual things" to me here: 

90 Front Street East, Bedlington, United Kingdom, NE22 5AE

Hello! I'm Amy and branding is totally my thing. 

Over time, I’ve come to realise, that not everyone finds branding easy. In fact, lots of business owners feel a bit lost in the woods with it all.

I love, love, LOVE helping business owners (like you) to create a pioneering brand that enables you to share your passion with more customers (who will love and connect with your brand too when they see how much a part of who you are it is and the big difference it's made in your life.)

For me, creating a brand is an adventure.

It’s fun and exciting. So…
- I want you to feel like that too.
- I want to give you the oomph to build, grow & show-off your brand.
- You can make your brand a big success.

But to get there, there’s a whole journey of discovery. Let's go on an adventure, together.