Today is International Women’s Day (you may have noticed) and so I wanted to quickly write a blog post to celebrate that. Most of my clients are women (as am I!) and so celebrating women, our achievements and our general fabulousness is something that works for me! Men are awesome too – but today is about US.

The theme this year is #Beboldforchange – I love that. That’s what branding is ALL about – being bold, standing out and showing up. Being bold allows you to make a change. It could be a change in yourself – because you are being bold, you are being more confident, you are trying new things, you are expressing yourself and that causes you to feel amazing about who you are and what you can accomplish. Being bold also allows you to inspire change in others. If you can reach people with your unique message then they will benefit from what you have to say and that can change them too. Being bold can also impact those around us, it doesn’t have to be about change for thousands of people all over the world at once – your bold action might change something for one person, and that’s pretty good too.

At the moment I am reading, “She Means Business” by Carrie Green, the founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association. There’s a manifesto in the front of the book which reads:

“Who is she?

She is brave, courageous, a real go-getter.

She knows what she wants and she knows that she’ll make it happen.

She stays positive even when times are hard.

She surrounds herself with like minded people who want her to succeed.

She learns all she can to help her strive forward.

Nothing is going to stop her from making her dreams come true.


I love that. That is ME. And I think that describes a woman, in business, who is being bold for change. International Women’s Day is all about “forging a better working world” and what better way is there to forge a better working world for yourself than to step out of your comfort zone again and again and again – to be bold in yourself and your business and to create change for yourself and your clients? Starting and running a business is a huge learning curve and for me, being bold is what it takes to create change, change that’s worthwhile and amazing and the most exciting ride ever.

I have the most incredible clients and I know the most amazing ladies.

There are women who have been through life changing things who are now running successful businesses.

Women who wanted a better way to work around their families.

There are women who had a huge passion and decided to give it their all.

There are women who discovered that working for others wasn’t working out for them.

There are women who saw an opportunity and took it.

These are bold women. Women who are showing up, standing out, not letting anything get in their way, being true to who they are and pushing themselves out of their comfortable places to try new things, develop new ideas, improve their lives, those of their families and those of their clients.

These women are changemakers. They are incredible people and I am so grateful that everyday I get to work with women who are being bold for change. Who are making a difference. Who are growing and achieving and who are incredible examples to everyone else of people who work hard and make things happen.

Today is International Women’s Day. But every day there are women all over the world being bold and creating change. I am so grateful that I know so many women who are doing their own thing and being amazing.

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Please use the comments to share about your business, do some networking and include links to your website so we can all see what each other does. 

You are brilliant. Keep up the good work!


Are you a woman in business in the North East of England? If so, then you should really join us in The Inspire Network, a network of North East women entrepreneurs running great businesses in all shapes, sizes and forms, from the smallest kitchen table and beyond!


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