In this digital age, startups are the new cool. Gone are those days when people would hunt for jobs desperately; it’s time when people want to be self-employed, want to be their own bosses, and create employment opportunities for others! The ‘startup’ revolution is taking over! Commonly popular amongst the youth, even retired officers now are considering to start up their own ventures, be it on a small or large scale.

Why social media?

Now there are chances that not everyone would know that your company even exists! And you don’t want your firm to be lost in the crowd. You want to create your own space, and advertising and promotion are probably the only ways by which you could make your presence felt. However, in startup companies, one drawback is that, there’s a lot of shortage of funds; and this is where the social media plays a pivotal role! Social media would help you reach out to a million potential clients or customers in very less time. Therefore, having a strong existence in the social media world is a MUST!

Here we have a list of the top social media tools that startups can use, to make people aware that they exist:

  1. DrumUp
    All you have to do is enter some keywords, and this app will do the rest by looking up and down the internet searching for relevant material that is content based. It is basically a smart content discovery tool. A central dashboard is what the app acts like for your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and helps you handle a number of accounts at the same time! Using the app, you can schedule and edit posts, pick out content from a series of suggestions, and even customize posts and add them to the queue.
  2. Aweber
    Do you want to automate email marketing? This is the best tool to do so! It’ll not only help you to connect with multiple people, but will also aid in selling more products! You can create emails within minutes with plain-text editors, HTML or drag and drop option. By clicking the mouse just a few times, you can add images, videos and more! When a new visitor signs up, you can automatically send him/her a heartwarming welcome email or an auto generated mail via Aweber.
  3. Meet Edgar
    You can upload any content in its platform, categorize it on the basis of its type, and then use appropriate tools to plan every category folder on different time that you choose. In case you run out of content to share or tweet, it takes you back to the content that you had previously shared or uploaded and keeps sharing it time after time. In the process, your accounts in social media are always updated, and your viewers can regularly enjoy the relevant contents that are shared by you. Currently, Meet Edgar is working with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Hootsuite
    It has been found that more than 20% companies have found Hootsuite helpful to manage and handle their social media accounts. It is sometimes referred to as the Social Media Management System also, and it works as one of the best monitoring tools online. Reasons why you should be using Hootsuite are it helps in dividing the workload with your teammates; it schedules posts on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, it sends free reports in the form of mails; it has an app directory that consists of over 100 apps like Reddit, Instagram and more. Start-ups like DealVoucherz use HootSuite to manage entire social media campaign and manage to reduce 66% of their time. This is one of my favorites since it manages all kind of platforms to share social media post and images with just one click. This app also has a lot of in built analytics to help you succeed in your social media campaign.
  5. SocialPilot
    Used by more than 40K professionals, SocialPilot helps you to save time and increase efficiency in online marketing. You have the option of bulk scheduling posts at your own pace, you can share more than 500 posts and connect to more than 200 profiles from just one account! With the client management option, you can invite clients to get access to their accounts. SocialPilot content suggestions option would always help you to write creative content by suggesting quirky ideas, that you can post in your social media accounts.
  6. Sprout Social
    It has a publishing calendar that displays exactly when your content will be posted. It will also throw open to you the option of approving the content before being posted. You can also track and organize marketing campaigns, publishing strategies, or content categories with the help of custom tags. It is one of the best tools to help startups establish their presence in social media.

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