If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got

Albert Einstein

I’ve heard this a lot, and it’s true. Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for a while and it’s not working. Do you just keep on trying? Maybe it IS working, but it’s not working enough.

Look at what you’re doing and change it. Do the opposite, change the wording, find a new way around a problem. Review where you’re at and where you want to be. What else could you offer, what could you do differently, how else can you market your offering? Maybe what you’re doing is behind the times and you need to think of ways to move your business into this century, or perhaps your business has changed and how you are doing things, how your business looks, who you re selling to is no longer the same?

Some things to check:

  • are you happy?
  • are you making enough money?
  • what expectations are you not meeting?
  • your ideal customer – have they changed?
  • which social platforms you’re on – is your ideal customer there too?
  • has your offer changed? Maybe you haven’t changed the way you talk about it?
  • your branding – is it relevant? Does it stand out enough?
  • What IS working? Do more of that.

To stand out, it might be worth looking at ways to do things not just differently for you, but differently in your field. If other people zig, you could zag. The important thing, as discussed in a previous post, is to keep moving forward, don’t stand still. All progress is progress even if it’s only tiny. If things are not working out, if you’re not happy, if you’re not getting the results you’re after, then please don’t just keep on doing what’s not working – try a different approach.

There are some things you can try right away:

  • look at a different industry for inspiration. You won’t stand out if you’re doing what everyone else in your industry is doing – so look elsewhere (this also stops you from competitor comparison which is definitely a good thing too!)
  • revisit your website, your sales pages, your messages – what could you change?
  • could you repackage anything or add new products/ services?
  • are their habits you’ve been meaning to work on that you haven’t developed yet? Start today.
  • change your pricing.
  • revisit your brand strategy (if you have one – if you don’t, there’s an important task!)
  • focus your content on your ideal customer. This is such an easy one to slip out of. What about them?
  • decide if you need to revisit your visuals.
  • can you make it easier for people to work with you?

The list for ways to do things differently is endless, but your business isn’t mine, so number one on the list will have to be

  • what are you doing? Then do the opposite.

But only if it’s not working. Think of the results and where they come from before you make a change.

If you want to change things, YOU have to change things. You can’t wait around hoping. It’s down to you. So make some decisions and get going.

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