Tomorrow I’m opening the doors to Love Your Brand.

I have worried about this.

Is it insensitive to spend this week posting all my cheery enthusiastic sales posts, considering what’s going on in the world and how much I care about that? 🙁

But! I have done a lot of thinking, reading and worrying and I have decided that I can be angry and sad about Ukraine. And I can also open the doors to Love Your Brand.

I can do both.

You still have the same problems and challenges with creating a brand that you love. Your business is still there.

So is mine.

You still feel frustrated with communicating your brilliance, ready to throw your computer out the window and desperate to be seen. You still want to attract the perfect customers and feel like a “real business”.

I can still help you with this.

And while I’m on helping you with your brand, and you’re on building your amazing business – we can ALSO be mindful of world events and do what we can. Even though it feels like very, very little right now. The more we grow the more we can do.

I’ll leave you with the words of Rachel Smith, The Business Grower.

She said in her stories that:

“There’s that sense of being out of control, not having any ability to change the situation. The only thing I can control is my mindset, how I think and feel. There’s no point in stepping into the negative all the time. There’ll be waves of that.. believe that miracles can happen, we have to continue somehow, we have to build a better world.. and one of the ways that can build a better world and have a greater influence in it is to make your business the success it can be.”

So let’s do that.

Let’s make our businesses successful.

And while we’re taking control of what we can take control of – what else can we do to help with this situation?

Here’s a link to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis appeal: Click here.

Here are nine different ways to help: Click here for the Global Citizen.

There are links to donate for medical supplies and humanitarian aid, to support children, refugees, journalism and the LGBTQ+ community, to protest peacefully – and to simply keep informed which is one thing we can ALL do.

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