Advent Top Tip with Racheal Straughan, Mayfli

Door five... Building a rapport
"Fear is the number one obstacle that prevents an interested buyer from completing a purchase."

I’ve only recently met Racheal, we’ve both been doing the Love Your Marketing course with MINT business club (very good, I recommend it) – Racheal is all about helping small businesses grow at a time where large marketplaces are making it harder for small businesses to be seen, heard and profitable! In response to this problem, she’s created Mayfli which is a safe and helpful place for businesses to sell their products and succeed.

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Hello, my name is Racheal the founder of MayFli. I have been a small business owner for the past 17 years selling on other Marketplace platforms, both in the UK and USA. Having lived through the frustrations of trying to grow a business and brand on other platforms. We want MayFli to be a community of helping and supporting the growth of all the Small Businesses in the UK, allowing them to keep control of their own business.