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"The more we know ourselves the better chance we've got of getting our business to the place that we want it to be."

Nicola is one of those people who is full of passion and pride. She always has your back, she genuinely cares about you and your business – every single person I’ve seen her speak to, she knows their story, she’s there to support them, she’s looking for ways to be more helpful and she brings people together beautifully. She’d be the first to say she doesn’t do it on her own and her team are amazing too. I’ve been in MINT Business Club now for so long that it used to have another name – and I love it. If you’re not a member, check out the link below and sort that out. You will never feel alone in your business again, you’ll make friends as well as acquaintances, you’ll learn so so much and you’ll be part of something great.


Find out more about Nicola and MINT here: or find @mintbizclub  everywhere – this is a link to the Facebook group.

The MINT 2022 Planner, is not just a diary for meetings, appointments and notes, it is a training course and accountability companion in its own right. The bonus: you will receive full access to the MINT training on how to use the planner to support you smashing your business goals! 

Get it here.

Nicola has also contributed six MINT notebooks to the giveaway. Check that out here.

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