Stop phaffing be intentional

Design doesn’t have to be complicated.

I’ve realised that quite often, if design isn’t your thing then it’s hard to see the woods for the trees. You’ve got SO MANY things you want to say and you want to do it allinoneplace – I get that – but really you just need to strip it back to what REALLY matters so that people can see what they need to do.

Simplicity = impact.

Less is more.

Less overwhelm – for your clientsand for you.

I see you slaving away in Canva trying desperately to fit allll that information onto one graphic. Moving things around. Changing font sizes, trying different colours, different fronts.

Stop that.

All you need to do is think about what will make that graphic perform it’s purpose. Maybe it’s to stop the scroll. Maybe it’s to get clicks through. Maybe it’s to ask a question. Maybe it’s to provide information.

Determine the purpose before you start clicking away with that mouse. Better still, determine the purpose, scribble with a pencil and THEN get clicking. What information can you get rid of, that you don’t need? Do that.

The outcome will be more impactful.

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Branding doesn’t have to be complicated.

It sounds complicated, all of this talk of values and ideal clients and positioning and messaging and psychology… and ALL of those things (and more) DO matter – but it’s YOUR business. You already have all of the answers within you. So after a little bit of thinking (and some cake) you’ll have that bit at least roughly mapped out.

You don’t even have to do this part on your own.

And THEN, it becomes easy. Because you KNOW what it’s all about. You know what matters and as part of the knowing you’ve spent time assessing the areas where these new things you know (that you already knew) need to be included in your business. You have clarity. You’re able to make decisions quickly because whatever it is needs to match up with your brand to go forward. You’ll see a path ahead because you know what will work, what will resonate with your audience.

Clarity > Confusion.

You have an understanding of what works best for your visuals, so you stop phaffing. You become intentional and create files that you can replicate and reuse – so that e v e r y t h i n g matches beautifully and achieving consistency becomes simple. Creating graphics in Canva is EASY. Being memorable is EASY. Creating impact is EASY.

Branding is intentional.

So when I say that branding is easy, what I really mean is that there’ll be a bit of thinking, but once that thinking is done and you have the information you need and the implementation period is over – THEN branding is easy. THEN you have focus. Not to mention the brand bravery you’ll gain to get out there – show up – and create an impact.

You’ve got this.

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