words :how do you want people to feel about your brand? over a faded image of wedding dresses

Yesterday I helped my amazing friend with her wedding dress. We went to the seamstress to have it pinned and twiddled with to make it fit perfectly. She looks absolutely stunning in it and I feel so privileged to be able to help her with this part of her preparations.

Of course it reminds me of my own experience of this when I bought my wedding dress. I bought it in what should have been a lovely little shop. It’s not there anymore. But the owner was not a particularly nice lady. She made me feel small… and one day when I was there for a fitting her seamstress ended up in tears because this lady had been so mean to her. I don’t blame the seamstress at all, she was lovely – the lady who ran the shop just wasn’t very good at being kind.. which didn’t add up to creating a great impression of the business. I’d never have recommended it.

The way you make people feel matters.

Do you even know how you want people who interact with your business to feel?

This might fall into how you want them to feel when they connect with your business in some way and how you want them to feel afterwards.



Joy, empowerment, escapism..

Maybe the tingle of possibility.

Perhaps the excitement of adventure.

Have a think and contemplate how you can help your ideal client feel that in your content.

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