You can’t work on your brand if you don’t know what you’re offering.

This is because your whole brand is built around what you sell.

  • Who do you sell it to?
  • Why do they buy it?
  • Why do you sell it?
  • What are the benefits of the thing you sell?
  • What makes what you sell better than a similar offer elsewhere?
  • When do people buy it?

This is the easy bit. It’s not fancy. It’s literally where you map it all out.






Coaching sessions.


Your group programme.

Digital products.


Original art.


Write it all down.

What are all the different ways people can work with you?

This includes the free stuff (like this blog post). It all works together to help get an idea of how your business works – and it’s also really useful for you to be able to look at what you have in whatever way you want to categorise your offering. You can note this down however it works for you, just make sure you’ve got it all written down, easy to see, easy to understand.

Not the offers you don’t have yet. You can always add them on later.

This is about NOW.

This means you have a clear look at what you do, so you can be certain of it too. You can see how the pieces fit together, which piece comes first, which piece fast tracks your customers, which pieces have the most impact.

How easy is it for possible customers to see what you offer and choose the option that is best for them? Do you make it super easy for them? Do they have to hunt through layers of pages on your website? Do you talk about the things that you do often?

For bonus points – what is it about what you do, how you do it, who you do it for… that makes your business different to other people doing the same things?

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