When you’re thinking about your brand it’s important to think about your goals. What you are ultimately aiming for.

Some people have goals that are big sweeping statements of something massive. Some peoples goal seem smaller in comparison, but they’re just as valid. Your goals are about how your business is going to have an impact on the world.

That impact could be one person at a time, it could be a million people by a certain date.

It could be numbers focussed and easily measurable. It could be more feelings or actions based.

I think it’s helpful to have both.

Get started by thinking big and wild about what you want. Write it all down. Sometimes we’re scared to write down what we want because it sounds too big or too silly or not enough so sometimes the best stuff can come out last once you’ve finished dealing with everyone elses expectations.

Then you can take a long hard look at what you’ve got and see if you can identify your vision and mission.

Your vision is the thing in the future that you want to achieve. It can be five, ten, twenty years away. It makes you feel zippy, it gives you oomph.

Your mission is what you can do right now to make that happen. A starting point. A reality. You may even be doing it already.

When you have goals, your whole brand can help you work towards them, you can make steps forward through the content you create, the visuals you use, the wording you put out there.

Your brand needs a goal. When you know what you want, your brand will help you reach them. You can create a Brand Plan (something we do together every quarter in the Brand Success Club) this helps you include your brand by taking aspects of your strategy and incorporating them into what you’re doing in your business to ensure that you have a strong brand. It also gives you focus.

If your goal is visibility you’ll need to work on creating awareness, a clear message and consistent visuals. If your goal is about change, maybe you’re pivoting or reach a new audience or launching – then you’ll need to gain clarity, create visuals which align with your new direction and build awareness. If you’re wanting to grow then you’ll be thinking about recognition and loyalty. Your strategy supports your dreams.

Get dreaming and then connect those dreams up with your brand. You’ve got this.

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