Picture of lego people and bricks built into a random shape. Words read: Everything is awesome.

The other day we watched The Lego Movie. It’s a cacophany of colourful confusion but it’s also quite funny and the kids think it’s great. One great quote from the film is this:

“Don’t worry about what others are doing.You must embrace what is special about you.” Vitruvious.

This is true of your brand too.

Working on your brand is aaaaallll about figuring out what makes you and your business special, how you stand out, what you represent, what makes you different. You must embrace what is special about YOU.

This means a fair bit of thinking unless you have someone around who can tell you the answer. Often it’s easier for other people to see things we can’t. For example, I ask a LOT of questions when I start work on a new project. I’m figuring out what the business is all about, teasing out the strategy and becoming immersed in the world of my client. This is really important stuff and I thought everybody did it.

But everybody doesn’t do that. Something I’d never have known had I not been told.

I can think of a few things that make me special as a Brand Designer, but that one still amazes me. You can’t do a good job working on someone else’s brand if you don’t take the time to get to know their story, what makes them tick and what they really value – among other things.

What have other people said about you?

How are you different to your competition?

What makes you stand out?

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