"Do you get loads of interruptions" image shows hand drawn rabbit and hedgehog. The hedgehog is interrupting the rabbits day.

Do you watch Motherland?

We were so excited when the new series started on Netflix, it’s so funny and relatable.

The one that really made me laugh was the one where Julia is at home trying to work and her phone and doorbell keep ringing, she’s unloading the washing machine, she’s trying to do *all of the things* (the “mother’s load” as Meg puts it.)

It made me laugh because this is me. I’ll sit down and a parcel will arrive or the washing machine will beep to tell me it’s finished, or I’ll realise I haven’t taken the meat out of the freezer to defrost so I have to get up again, or the cat will need letting out of the room (probably to use the doormat as his litter tray.. so I’ll have to get up AGAIN) and before you know it the day’s gone.

I’ve got better. I can’t do much about parcels, but I leave the door ajar for Wallace to come and go and I don’t put the washing machine on if it’s going to finish and beep at me before 4pm. I actually love working from home which still feels like a fairly new thing for me thanks to the virus. I haven’t yet brought my desk chair home.. I keep thinking about it..

How does your day work out? Do you get loads of interruptions? How do you deal with them?

There’s a post in my group Brand Confidence asking this very question. Come and add your thoughts 🙂

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